African Arguments

African Arguments is a series of short books about contemporary Africa and the critical issues and debates surrounding the continent. The books are scholarly and engaged, substantive and topical. The series is owned by the International African Institute and published in association with the Royal African Society, and the World Peace Foundation at Tufts University. In 2005–20, more than 30 books were published in the series, on topics including questions of justice, rights and citizenship; politics, protests and revolutions; the environment, land, oil and other resources; health and disease; economy: growth, aid, taxation, debt and capital flight; and both Africa’s international relations and country case studies.

We are delighted to announce that from 2021 the series will be published by Hurst, with titles co-published or distributed in North America by Oxford University Press. Where possible, coeditions with African publishers will also be arranged.

The International African Institute, hosted at SOAS University of London, promotes scholarly understanding of Africa, primarily through a publication programme, including the journals Africa, Africa Bibliography and the Journal of African Cultural Studies, and various book series. It publishes the blog African Arguments – Debating Ideas in association with the book series.

Series editors
Adam Branch
Alex de Waal
Alcinda Honwana
Ebenezer Obadare
Carlos Oya
Nicolas Westcott

Managing Editor
Stephanie Kitchen