‘The world we thought we knew has been turned upside down, and no publishing list today answers our
perplexity, or relieves our anxiety, as effectively as Hurst’s. Its commitment to original, provocative
and rigorous thinking marks it out clearly in a field dominated by the safely formulaic.’
— Pankaj Mishra

‘At a time of rapid and dislocating change, no range of books casts a more valuable light onto
the convulsions of the present than those published by Hurst.’ — Tom Holland

Hurst is an independently owned and run non-fiction publisher, based in central London but publishing globally. We have a track record of fifty years of distinguished scholarly publishing for a general readership. Today, we produce around 90 new books a year, building on our strengths in African Studies, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, South Asian Studies and War and International Relations. More broadly, however, we commission anything that interests us, from sport to art to cooking, as long as the books have something to distinguish them.


Among our more celebrated authors are Africanists Olivette Otele, Gérard Prunier, Stephen Ellis and Susan Williams; renowned scholars of South Asia Alpa Shah, Christophe Jaffrelot and Faisal Devji; strategists and security experts David Kilcullen and Sir David Omand; and experts on Islam and the Muslim world Madawi Al-Rasheed, Ziauddin Sardar and Jean-Pierre Filiu. We have also published several books on behalf of MSF in London and Paris.

Most Hurst titles are commissioned fresh by us, but we also publish a number of series, including the long-running partnership with CERI Sciences Po (Paris) for translations from French; Crises in World Politics, edited by Brendan Simms; Gulf Studies, edited by Christopher Davidson and Dirk Vandewalle; and Mediterraneans, edited by Mark Mazower and Andrew Arsan. We also publish a literary quarterly, Critical Muslim, in association with the Muslim Institute, edited by Ziauddin Sardar. Hurst also publishes a series on the MENA region with the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar, coordinated by Mehran Kamrava and Suzi Mirgani.

Our books are subject to rigorous anonymous peer review procedures, in part thanks to a unique and thriving co-publishing agreement with Oxford University Press, New York: the sole US co-publisher for the Hurst list, meaning that our books wear the OUP livery in the Americas, provided they receive approval from their editorial board (or ‘Delegates’).

Christopher Hurst founded C. Hurst & Co. (Publishers) Ltd. in 1969, his primary aim being to publish scrupulously edited and produced books on subjects close to his heart rather than to build a commercial empire. Christopher’s interests were eclectic, and they featured in his list from the outset, ranging from African studies, the plight of dissidents in the Cold War, the history of Scandinavia, the Muslim periphery, the Far North and anthropology. To learn more about our founder’s contributions to scholarship and publishing, you can read two obituaries of him in the Guardian and on Open Democracy.

At Hurst we cherish the memory of Christopher’s independence of spirit and refusal to follow the corporate path. To that end we like to publish books that surprise as well as inform our readers, while assuring them that they meet the norms of scholarly and literary excellence.

Hurst books are reviewed regularly in high profile media outlets worldwide, including The EconomistThe Sunday TimesFinancial TimesThe GuardianNew York TimesWall Street JournalForeign Affairs and many others. They regularly make news headlines around the world. We also promote our books extensively through social media, book launches and other events, and have a dedicated publicity team.

Michael Dwyer, Publisher