23 Nov 2018 – 13.00
Hay Festival Winter Weekend, Wales
Cedric Delves and Helen Parr at Hay Festival

Cedric Delves and Helen Parr appear in conversation at Hay Winter Weekend Festival

24 Nov 2018 – 2.30 - 3.30pm
Cambridge Literary Festival
Diana Darke at Cambridge Literary Festival

Diana Darke, who has lived and worked in the Middle East for over thirty years, tells the story of Syria, both as a nation built on trade, and through the lens of the life of one remarkable man – cloth merchant Abu Chaker, who escaped the country to eventually build up a global textile brand.

25 Nov 2018 – 3.30pm
Folkestone Book Festival
Brian Klaas at Folkestone Book Festival

Donald Trump isn’t a despot, but he is increasingly acting like a despot’s apprentice. Whether it’s attacking the press, threatening the rule of law, or staffing the White House with family members and cronies, Trump is borrowing moves from the world’s dictators. 

4 Dec 2018 – 17.45 - 19.00
SOAS, London
Dilip Hiro: Cold War in the Islamic World

For four decades Saudi Arabia and Iran have vied for influence in the Muslim world. At the heart of this ongoing Cold War between Riyadh and Tehran lie the Sunni–Shia divide, and the two countries’ intertwined histories.