22 Jul 2018 – 16.15 - 17.30
The All Saints, Lewes
Florence Gaub at Lewes Speakers Festival

In March 2011, NATO launched a mission hitherto entirely unthinkable: to protect civilians against Libya’s ferocious regime, solely from the air. NATO had never operated in North Africa, or without troops on the ground; it also had never had toaaa

24 Jul 2018 – 19.00
Frontline Club, London
Tom Baldwin: Ctrl Alt Delete

Something has gone badly wrong: people loathe politicians, distrust the press and increasingly fear each other. It’s easy to blame Russian trolls, Facebook news feeds, or the sinister manipulation of ‘big data’ — but these are all symptoms of an abusive thirty-year relationship between politics,aaa

12 Aug 2018 – 13.20 - 14.30
Llangwm Village Hall, Wales
Diana Darke at Llangwm Literary Festival

Diana Darke will give an illustrated talk on The Merchant of Syria, her most recent book, the result of four years’ research into the socio-economic history of Syria through the life of one man, a textile merchant from Homs (1921-2013).aaa

22 Oct 2018 – 18.30 - 20.00
Council for British Research in the Levant, London
Dawn Chatty and Diana Darke – Syria’s People: Lessons for the Future?

Dawn Chatty, author of ‘Syria: The Making and Unmaking of a Refuge State’ and Diana Darke, author of ‘The Merchant of Syria: A History of Survival’ will each give a presentation on their recent books. Together, these talks will explore Syria’s historical embrace of refugeesaaa