Hurst is an independently owned non-fiction publisher based in central London, in the heart of Bloomsbury. Founded in 1969, Hurst now publishes ninety books per annum, building on our strengths in African Studies, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, South Asian Studies, War and Conflict Studies, History and Politics.

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26.07.19 | James Heartfield

One hundred and eighty-six years ago the House of Commons finally agreed to abolish slavery in the West Indies. The decision was a long time coming, and many since have wondered what it meant.

04.07.19 | Gregory B. Lee

As demonstrations rise in Hong Kong, Gregory Lee looks back on Handover and considers the future for Hong Kong-China relations.

29.03.19 | Beatrice Heuser

Article 50 was triggered two years ago today, but on the day the UK was scheduled to leave the EU, the future remains unclear. Here, Beatrice Heuser takes a look at the context of Brexit, and the history that lead us here.

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