Hurst is an independently owned non-fiction publisher based in central London, in the heart of Bloomsbury. Founded in 1969, Hurst now publishes ninety books per annum, building on our strengths in African Studies, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, South Asian Studies, War and Conflict Studies, History and Politics.

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The Birth of a New America
How the Rest Learned to Fight the West
The Turbulent Life and Times of Benjamin Netanyahu
One Hundred Years of Panic, Hysteria and Hubris
A Kaleidoscope of Islam
Journeys Through Whiteness and Islam
A Memoir of the Ethiopia–Eritrea War
Why We Can’t Have It All in a Free Market Economy
The Art of Intelligence

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10.03.20 | Danell Jones

In the middle of August 1918, the H.M.S. Mantua was only two days into its familiar route from the Royal Navy Base in Devonport, England, to Sierra Leone when influenza broke out on board. By the time the vessel arrived in Freetown on August 15th, more than 200 of its crew were sick.

10.02.20 | Mark Honigsbaum

Pandemic, it seems, is not a word to be used lightly.

For several weeks now, the novel coronavirus outbreak that began in Wuhan in December has been spreading steadily from person-to-person and from country to country.

07.02.20 | Jeremy Prestholdt

Bob Marley may have died in 1981, but decades later he is one of the world’s most revered icons. February 6th marked what would have been his 75th birthday, and his music and image are now far more widespread than during his life.