Hurst is an independently owned non-fiction publisher based in central London, in the heart of Bloomsbury. Founded in 1969, Hurst now publishes ninety books per annum, building on our strengths in African Studies, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, South Asian Studies, War and Conflict Studies, History and Politics.

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11.10.19 | Anshel Pfeffer

Less than three months ago, on 20th July 2019, Benjamin Netanyahu marked a total of thirteen years and four months in power, overtaking the record of Israel’s founder, David Ben-Gurion, as its longest serving prime minister. In two weeks, he will reach another milestone while still in office: his seventieth birthday.

08.10.19 | Faisal Devji

While the Brexit referendum was won by a slim majority, it demonstrated that no consensus existed in the United Kingdom, with entire regions like Scotland voting against it. Today opinion polls have anti-Brexiters in an equally slim majority, revealing yet again the loss of national unity that resulted from the referendum.

04.10.19 | Asad Durrani

On the 5th August 2019, when Modi revoked the constitutional clauses that recognised Indian Held Kashmir’s special status, the Prime Minister not only disrupted the status quo, but also alienated the Kashmiris beyond the point of redemption.

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