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23.04.18 | Hurst Staff

Why spy? Hurst’s flash sale on all things spies and intelligence. For a limited time only, these five titles are available for half price, exclusively on our website.

23.04.18 | Jeremy Black

What is happening to the United Kingdom, and, within that, what is happening to England? In this extract from his new book, Jeremy Black looks to the past in order to try to understand the present; namely, what forces have shaped the historical identity of England and how that has affected English nationalism today.

13.04.18 | Dominic Rubin

Over the last few weeks, the ‘Skripal poisoning affair’ has unfolded. The main issue—whodunnit and why?—is something the public won’t know the truth about for some time to come, if ever, making it the perfect vehicle for the pre-existing phobias of various analysts.

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17 May 2018 – 18.30
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