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'...a fascinating study ... War still provides the most potent myths, and writers continue to be fascinated by it, just as they are by war’s effect on the individual. In just 300 pages, Christopher Coker provides an unusually rewarding feast of perceptive analysis.' — Antony Beevor, The Telegraph

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Critical Muslim - Sects

Merryl Wyn Davies is appalled by the sectarian divisions in Muslim societies; Yasmin Saikia is angry at the Sectarian violence unleashed in the name of Islam; Ebrahim Moosa suggest the Sunnis, the majority Muslim sect, need a little self-reflection; Faisal Daviji explores the historic contribution and present predicaments of the Ismailis; Imranali Panjwani explains what it means to be a Shia; Zacharias Pieri joins the evangelical Tablighi Jamaat on a religious retreat; Robin Yassin-Kassab traces the origins of the Alawis of Syria

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Matt Carr visited the island in 2011, while researching his book Fortress Europe: Dispatches from a Gated Continent. In the following extract he describes the impact of Europe’s migrant tragedy on the island that Italians once called l’isola bella – the beautiful island.

As India’s election season gets into full swing, the idea of creating new states has once again appeared front and centre. The announcement by the Congress-led central government in July that it would push ahead with the creation of Telanganaaaa

An interview with David Kilcullen on the future of guerrilla warfare.