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Hurst is an independently owned non-fiction publisher based in central London, in the heart of Bloomsbury. Founded in 1969, Hurst now publishes ninety books per annum, building on our strengths in African Studies, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, South Asian Studies, War and Conflict Studies, History and Development.

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The Evolution of an Insurgency
Making Sense of the Syrian Tragedy
The Past, Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence
The Threat From Within
Rebel Politics in Spain
Reclaiming Muslim Civilisation from the Past
China, the United States and the Logic of Great Power Conflict
The University of Edinburgh
2 Oct 2017 – 15:00 - 16:30
The Wiener Library, London
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The Blog
11.09.17 | Azeem Ibrahim

The Rohingya situation presents an opportunity for the US and China to work together to resolve one of the world’s most dire humanitarian crises.

22.08.17 | Kajsa Norman

Maduro is not a lone despot. Nor will he be the last. He is simply another turn in Venezuela’s Bolivarian cycle of perpetual liberation.

19.07.17 | Raffaello Pantucci

Following recent terrorist attacks in Britain, Raffaello Pantucci examines the relationship between the radical Islamist sect al-Muhajiroun and the rise of violent extremism both within the UK and abroad. How has this long legacy of affiliation shaped the increasingly heated and divisive tensions within British society?