War Studies


How the Maharaja of the Balkans Fooled the World
International Intervention and Unending Wars in the Sudans
Interrogators and Codebreakers in Britain's War With Japan
Warriors, Victims and Vulnerable Regions
Intelligence Agencies in the Digital Age
The Foundations of the Russian Art of Strategy

Latest Titles

The Command Structures of Modern Mass Atrocities
India, Pakistan and War on the Frontiers of Kashmir
Indian Labour in a Global Conflict, 1914–1921
A History of Nerve Agents, From Nazi Germany to Putin's Russia
Survival and Deterrence in North Korea
Insurgent Propaganda and the New Revolutionaries
A Memoir of the Ethiopia–Eritrea War
How the Rest Learned to Fight the West
Kipling, Kingsley, Conan Doyle and the Anglo-Boer War
Milestone Texts of the Islamic State Movement