Water and Conflict in the Middle East

Edited by

Marcus Dubois King

An important contribution on a topic that does not receive the attention it clearly deserves.

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Water and Conflict in the Middle East Paperback
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This volume explores the role of water in the Middle East’s current economic, political and environmental transformations, which are set to continue in the near future. In addition to examining water conflict from within the domestic contexts of Iraq, Yemen and Syria— all experiencing high levels of instability today—the contributors shed further light on how conflict over water resources has influenced political relations in the region. They interrogate how competition over water resources may precipitate or affect war in the Middle East, and assess whether or how resource vulnerability impacts fragile states and societies in the region and beyond.

Water and Conflict in the Middle East is an essential contribution to our understanding of turbulence in this globally significant region.


Marcus Dubois King is John O. Rankin Associate Professor of International Affairs at George Washington University. His areas of expertise include environmental security, climate change and security, and environmental scarcity and fragile states.