See What You Made Me Do

Power, Control and Domestic Abuse

August 2020 9781787383685 448pp
May 2023 9781787388260 448pp
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Every year in England and Wales alone, one in twenty adults suffer domestic abuse, two thirds of them women. Every week, two men kill a woman they were intimate with. And still we ask the wrong question: Why didn’t she leave? Instead, we should ask: Why did he do it?

Investigative journalist Jess Hill puts perpetrators—and the systems that enable them—in the spotlight. Her radical reframing of domestic abuse takes us beyond the home to explore how power, culture and gender intersect to both produce and normalise abuse. She boldly confronts uncomfortable questions about how and why society creates abusers, but can’t seem to protect their victims, and shows how we can end this dark cycle of fear and control.

See What You Made Me Do is a profound and bold confrontation of this urgent crisis and its deep roots. It will challenge everything you thought you knew about domestic abuse.


‘A shattering book: clear-headed and meticulous, driving always at the truth’ — Helen Garner

‘Domestic abuse is hard to write about, hard to read about, hard to think about—everything in our culture makes silence the easy option. Breaking the silence takes skill and courage, and Jess Hill has both. Essential reading.’ — Laurie Penny, author of Unspeakable Things

‘A much-needed, thought-provoking study of how victims can be blamed or disbelieved, and their experiences dismissed, whilst their abusers are often excused. Hill asks difficult questions about perpetrators and their need to exert power and control. A must-read.’ — Rosie Duffield MP

‘A widely researched and incisive analysis of domestic abuse, its multiple behaviours and harms, and possible solutions. Powerful and important.’ — Dame Vera Baird, Victims’ Commissioner for England and Wales

‘An absolute must-read for anyone concerned about domestic abuse. It is well-researched, well-written and raises the voices of survivors everywhere. An important contribution to our understanding in the UK.’ — Sarah Hill, Chair of Women’s Aid

‘[Offers] a clinical view on why domestic abuse happens, why it’s so prevalent across the world and what the psychology is behind it.’ — Joanne Froggatt, Harper’s Bazaar UK

‘A vital step forward. This is required reading for all politicians, and all who wish to better understand the diverse, complex nature of domestic terrorism.’ — David Challen, domestic abuse campaigner and Freedom Programme ambassador

‘Should be compulsory reading for politicians at every level’ — The Sydney Morning Herald

‘A call for action … unlike any that has yet been written … capture[s] the visceral feeling of domestic terror.’ — Sydney Review of Books

Shortlisted for General Non-Fiction Book of the Year, 2020 Australian Book Industry Awards

Finalist for the 2019 Walkley Book Award

‘At a time when misogyny and male violence appear to be unbridled, this book gives hope to women everywhere. Its pages are a call to arms: Hill has outlined a manifesto that will contribute to ending male brutality in all its forms.’ — Julie Bindel, journalist and feminist campaigner

Longlisted for the 2019 Indie Book Awards, Australia

Finalist for the 2019 Australian Human Rights Commission Media Award

Shortlisted for the 2019 Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards


Jess Hill is an award-winning investigative journalist who has been writing about domestic abuse since 2014. Her reporting on the issue has won her the Stella Prize and an Amnesty International award, among other accolades. She was formerly an investigative reporter for ABC Radio and a Middle East correspondent for The Global Mail. She was listed in Foreign Policy’s top 100 women to follow on Twitter.

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