Ionian Vision

Greece in Asia Minor, 1919-22

Michael Llewellyn Smith

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Ionian Vision Paperback
October 1998£16.99
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Michael Llewellyn Smith sets the Greek occupation of Smyrna and the war in Anatolia against the background of Greece’s ‘Great Idea’ and of great power rivalries in the Near East. He traces the origins of the Greek statesman Eleftherios Venizelos’s ‘Ionian Vision’ to his joint conception with David Lloyd George of an Anglo-Greek entente in the Eastern Mediterranean. This narrative text presents a comprehensive account of the disaster which has shaped the politics and society of modern Greece.


Michael Llewellyn Smith is a British diplomat who has served in Moscow, Paris, Warsaw, and Athens. His most recent post is as British Ambassador in Athens. Smith is also the author of The Great Island: A Study of Crete.


‘… an outstanding addition to the growing body of serious academic studies on the modern history of Greece … Llewellyn Smith’s book is indispensable reading for anyone who would seek to understand the convoluted politics of Greece in the twentieth century.’ — New Society

Ionian Vision has a theme worthy of Thucydides. […] Mr Llewellyn Smith has produced a fine, temperate and engrossing study.’ — International Affairs

‘The expedition to Asia Minor in 1919-22 was a Greek tragedy in every sense. […] Among the merits of Mr Llewellyn Smith’s scholarly version of the tragedy is the sense of anxious urgency and hope against hope which it sustains throughout… an all but definitive account’ — Times Literary Supplement

‘[…] consistently readable, industriously researched and documented in detail. […] In this absorbing, dramatic and melancholy saga of war and diplomacy, Mr Smith gives us a historical work of great fascination and substance.’ — Books and Bookmen