Critical Muslim | 17


Edited by

Ziauddin Sardar

Critical Muslim is a quarterly magazine of ideas and issues showcasing ground breaking thinking on Islam and what it means to be a Muslim in a rapidly changing, interconnected world.

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Critical Muslim | 17 Paperback
January 2016£14.99
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Samia Rahman argues there is more to the Muslim world than extremism; Anne Alexander wonders at the rise and rise of ISIS; John Sweeney suggests we are living in an age of extremes; Raza Ali struggles with reactionary love for the Prophet; Andrew Brown takes a sledgehammer to the New Atheists; Elma Berisha learns to talk to idolatrous statues; Sunny Hundal exposes the fanatics hijacking Sikhism; Benedikt Koehler thinks early Islam gave birth to capitalism that spawned wealth inequality; Farouk Peru asks Muslims to confront the enemy within; Samir Younés is appalled at the ubiquity of mean thought in the arts; and Rahul Jayaram relates the story of the man who hid in an aeroplane bathroom.


Ziauddin Sardar is an award-winning, internationally renowned writer, futurist and cultural critic. A former New Statesman columnist and Equality and Human Rights Commissioner, he has authored many books, including Desperately Seeking Paradise: Journeys of a Sceptical Muslim; Reading the Qur'an; and Mecca: The Sacred City. He is editor of the influential quarterly, Critical Muslim.