Capturing Carbon

The New Weapon in the War Against Climate Change

May 2011 9781849040334 288pp
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A new weapon is emerging to help us fight climate change. It is becoming feasible to take carbon dioxide from power stations and industry, and lock it away safely before it can enter the atmosphere. In the next few years, major demonstration programmes will start up in the USA, EU and elsewhere. But can carbon capture compete with other low-carbon technologies, is it safe and environmentally-friendly, and will people and governments accept it?

Capturing Carbon examines the need for carbon capture, and the technologies, existing and emerging, that make it work. It describes geological storage and, uniquely, compares it to biological carbon sequestration in soils and forests. It looks at the costs, the economics, and how big a contribution carbon capture can make to avoiding dangerous climate change. It covers the policies that need to be in place, the public reaction, and the opportunities for business. Finally, it gives a hard-headed description of the risks of carbon capture projects.

The book is the first comprehensive yet accessible study of the subject. It is a vital resource for environmentalists, policy-makers, investors, academics, industry specialists and anyone else wishing to understand this fast-moving field.


Capturing Carbon is outstanding. It is well structured, informative, comprehensive, balanced, and readable. It could — and certainly should — have a wide audience. Its layout is more akin to popular science books, yet it is more scholarly than other works published recently on climate change and associated phenomena. I certainly recommend it.’ — Jon Gluyas, Professor of Geoenergy and Carbon Capture and Storage, University of Durham

Capturing Carbon is the most comprehensively researched and well-written discussion of climate change and carbon capture and storage (CCS) that I have read. This book lays out the facts and argues the case for large-scale deployment of CCS in terms accessible to all. A must read for all those wanting access to and engagement with this subject matter.’ — Paul Bryant, director, Hydrogen Power Abu Dhabi (HPAD)

‘An excellent introduction to the subject that would quickly get the interested reader up to speed and enable them to have all the facts at their disposal.’ – Carbon Capture Journal


Robin Mills graduated from Cambridge University and has worked for more than a decade in petroleum geology and economics for Shell and the Dubai government. He is the author of The Myth of the Oil Crisis (2008), and writes and comments regularly on energy issues in the media.

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