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03.10.16 | Dickie Davis David Kilcullen Greg Mills David Spencer
Winning Colombia’s Peace: A Great Perhaps?

Colombia’s narrow rejection of a historic peace accord with the FARC has cast doubt upon the country’s future. What hope now for peace?

Disputing theories which predicted the demise of nationalism, director of CERI Sciences Po, Alain Dieckhoff dissects the future of the modern nation-state.

05.09.16 | George Kassimeris Leonie B Jackson
The Burkini Ban and the Dangerous Consequences of Coercive Undressing

France’s burkini ban reveals a broader trend within Europe, where an entitlement to feel ‘comfortable’ takes precedence over Muslim women’s right to veil.

Burundi’s President Nkurunziza continues to preside over human rights abuses, regional isolation, and increasingly militant protests against his rule.

The Chilcot report will, at long last, draw lessons from the 2003 Iraq war – which was probably Britain’s worst strategic blunder since Suez in 1956.

A new report charges lapis lazuli smugglers with funding the Taliban and ISIS in Afghanistan. But traders should not be scapegoated, argues Magnus Marsden.

Kashmiri militant Burhan Wani

The latest violent uprising in Kashmir in the wake of militant commander Burhan Wani’s death has deep and bitter roots, writes Christopher Snedden.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

How do you re-tell a memoir? Sunila Galappatti explains the process of working with the LTTE’s highest-ranking prisoner in order to tell his story.

21.07.16 | Christopher L. Elliott
The Chilcot Report – An Assessment

Chilcot’s report into the Iraq war, seven years in the making, was worth the wait, explains retired Major General Christopher Elliott.

There are several reasons why the Saudis will struggle to be an uncontested regional power in the Arab world. At the heart of their unsuccessful bid to lead, inspire, defend and cool down the Arab hot spots is the archaicaaa

Credit: Joshuashearn

America has not only failed to learn the lessons of Europe’s disastrous colonisation of the Middle East, it is actively repeating the Old World’s mistakes

Forex data

An interview with Ariel Colonomos on the political economy of predicting the future.