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With the Trump administration’s May 2018 withdrawal from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal with six major powers, and its imposition of secondary sanctions on Iran’s oil sales, tensions in the region have escalated sharply.

A timely examination of the legacy of the Villas Boas brothers in the Amazon Rainforest.

02.09.19 | Marta Dassù Edoardo Campanella
Suspending Parliament: What Lies Behind Boris’ No-Deal Brexit

Boris Johnson has gone for the nuclear option. The prime minister’s request to the Queen to suspend Parliament for up to five weeks frustrates anti-Brexit legislation and sends a clear message to Brussels: the current government is serious about leaving the EU, deal or no deal.

26.07.19 | James Heartfield
Remembering Abolition

One hundred and eighty-six years ago the House of Commons finally agreed to abolish slavery in the West Indies. The decision was a long time coming, and many since have wondered what it meant.

04.07.19 | Gregory B. Lee
Hong Kong, China: Twenty-Two Years On

As demonstrations rise in Hong Kong, Gregory Lee looks back on Handover and considers the future for Hong Kong-China relations.

29.03.19 | Beatrice Heuser
Brexit or the Fetish of Sovereignty

Article 50 was triggered two years ago today, but on the day the UK was scheduled to leave the EU, the future remains unclear. Here, Beatrice Heuser takes a look at the context of Brexit, and the history that lead us here.

Mirrored Loss tells the story of Amat al-Latif al Wazir, only daughter of ‘Abdullah al-Wazir, one of the leaders of Yemen’s constitutional movement of the mid-twentieth century for reform of the autocratic imamate.

8th March. International Women’s Day. In a company such as ours, where so many of our women authors work in a so-called ‘man’s environment’, we’re taking a look at what IWD means to our women authors, and its relevance to the work they do.

A message from our Publisher on the fiftieth anniversary of C. Hurst and Co. (Publishers) Ltd.

05.02.19 | Andrew Arsan
The Politics of Déjà Vu

Lebanon’s new Government and the regional outlook

This National Sickie Day around 35,000 people are expected to be absent from work. Occupational physician Adrian Massey’s urgent call to reform Britain’s sickness culture offers social—not medical—solutions.

10.12.18 | Hurst Staff
Hurst’s Books of the Year 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, we look back on some of best books of the year. Here are our 2018 titles that have been voted Book of the Year in publications such as the Financial Times, the Spectator and The Economist.