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Shanghai Skyline
02.09.14 | Anna Greenspan
Shanghai’s Urban Future

As the completion of Shanghai Tower marks the end of the city’s science fiction-oriented urban development, Anna Greenspan asks: what next?

Downtown Karachi

Imran Farooq, second-in-command of Pakistan’s MQM, was stabbed and beaten to death on a London street in 2010. Following the detention of a new suspect, Laurent Gayer investigates Farooq’s mysterious story, from Karachi to London.

Tabaqa Airbase
28.08.14 | Christopher M. Davidson
Why did Islamic State seize Tabaqa Airbase in Syria?

Was the seizure of Tabaqa Airbase by Islamic State just a part of their overall expansion, or was there another motive at play?

19.08.14 | Talal Nizameddin
Ten Things We’ve Learnt about Putin

Recent events in Syria and Ukraine have confirmed Putin’s desire to extend his global influence. Talal Nizameddin offers up ten things Putin’s leadership has taught us.


An interview with Nicholas Krohley, author of ‘The Death of the Mehdi Army: Insurgency and Civil Society in Occupied Baghdad’ on Moqtada al-Sadr’s complex relationship with Iran.

The camel corps at Beersheba

Gaza’s strategic position—the key to controlling access to Sinai, to Palestine and the wider Middle East—has made it an enviable prize for thousands of years. Jean-Pierre Filiu explains why during the First World War the British and Ottoman Empires fought so hard to control it.

Damaged buildings in Gaza
30.07.14 | Jean-Pierre Filiu
On Gaza and the Historiography of Palestine

Jean-Pierre Filiu, author of ‘Gaza: A History’, discusses the centrality of Gaza to the broader history of Palestine and the difficulties faced when trying to excavate it.

29.07.14 | Robin Yassin-Kassab
Ten Things to Remember About Syria

As coverage of Syria turns evermore towards trauma and destruction, this list tends towards the positive focussing on those aspects of Syria that can’t be destroyed by war.

Turkish troops follow a standard bearer carrying the Turkish flag across a muddy field, circa 1917. (Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Kristian Coates Ulrichsen considers the lasting impact of the First World War on the Middle East

21.07.14 | Menachem Klein
Lives in Common

Conflict did not always rule people’s minds and hearts and it did not shape Jewish–Arab relations from the start.

24.10.13 | Matthew Carr
Lampedusa: Europe’s Migrant Graveyard

Matthew Carr describes the impact of Europe’s migrant tragedy on the island that Italians once called l’isola bella – the beautiful island.


As India’s election season gets into full swing, the idea of creating new states has once again appeared front and centre.