Lampedusa: Europe’s Migrant Graveyard

Matt Carr visited the island in 2011, while researching his book Fortress Europe: Dispatches from a Gated Continent. In the following extract he describes the impact of Europe’s migrant tragedy on the island that Italians once called l’isola bella – the beautiful island.

Remapping India: Elections and Demands for Statehood

As India’s election season gets into full swing, the idea of creating new states has once again appeared front and centre. The announcement by the Congress-led central government in July that it would push ahead with the creation of Telanganaaaa

An Interview with David Kilcullen on the Future of Guerrilla Warfare

An interview with David Kilcullen on the future of guerrilla warfare.

The New World in the Old: An Alternative History of the Religious State

The United States serves as the archetype of all New World countries, founded as it was on self-conscious ideas instead of the principle of inheritance that to this day undergirds so many European nations. For even when many of theseaaa

Machel and Mandela: The Brothers-in-Arms Who Never Met

Sarah LeFanu, author of ‘S is for Samora’, on Nelson Mandela and Samora Machel

Islamophobia in Victorian Britain

The manifestations of Islamophobia evident after the gruesome murder of Lee Rigby were also apparent in Victorian Britain.

The 6.7%: Neoliberal Development in Bangladesh

Delwar Hussain on Rana Plaza and the price of neoliberal development policy in Bangladesh

Woolwich, “Islamism” and the “Conveyor Belt to Terrorism” Theory

While the conveyor-belt theory may offer a simplistic narrative fit for popular consumption, the issues involved in such cases seldom are.

The Coming of ‘Killer Robots’

Killer Robots are on the march, to use a military metaphor, and there is no going back. They are coming to a theatre of war near you, and they may arrive sooner than expected. Welcome to the future.