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Exterior of the Bataclan theatre the day after the attacks

In the wake of the Paris attacks of 13 November 2015, Jean-Pierre Filiu is interviewed on ISIS and the European response. Interviewer: Zachary Laub, Online Writer/Editor at the Council on Foreign Relations.


To call Molenbeek a terrorism capital is an exaggeration at best. Focusing on local socio-economic factors obscures European jihadism’s transnational nature.

Source: Voice of America

Presidents Ma Ying-jeou and Xi Jinping of Taiwan and China meet for a historic photo-op, but little else comes from the summit that shocked the world media


What might the consequences be for Putin if the Sinai flight disaster proves to have been the work of terrorists?

Author: 'Dying Regime'
26.10.15 | J. J. Robinson
Sun, sand and suspicion

The Maldives’ dramatic internecine battle between the re-established regime’s strongmen continues as Vice President Adeeb is arrested on the airport tarmac.

Sri Lankan Tamil civilians are displaced in the Vanni, 2009
19.10.15 | Mark Salter
Sri Lanka and the Politics of Justice

Truth and reconciliation is a project which inevitably needs to balance short term politics against long term justice. There are signs that Sri Lanka’s new government understands the challenge.

28.09.15 | Andrew Arsan
Beirut in the sandstorm

Andrew Arsan on Lebanon’s ‘You Stink’ protest movement; carnivalesque demonstrations, the bubbling anger of Beirut’s youth, and rubbish piled in the streets

21.09.15 | Faisal Devji
A life on the surface

Faisal Devji argues that ISIS is best understood through an account of its superficiality, rather than through searching for any hidden depth.

25.08.15 | Leon T. Goldsmith
Is Alawite Solidarity Finally Breaking?

Syria’s Alawites have long used ruthless pragmatism to survive. This same pragmatism, argues Leon Goldsmith, may soon lead them to disown President Assad.


A Hurst reading list for World Humanitarian Day, 2015.


As the Taliban undergoes a leadership transition after Mullah Omar’s death, could the influence of Jalaluddin Haqqani hinder the nascent peace process in Afghanistan?

03.08.15 | Simon A. Waldman Emre Caliskan
The Peace Process that Never Was: Turkey and the PKK

The peace process between the PKK and Turkey was hamstrung from the start by political games and mistrust, making its recent collapse inevitable, argue Simon A. Waldman and Emre Caliskan.