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28.09.15 | Andrew Arsan
Beirut in the sandstorm

Andrew Arsan on Lebanon’s ‘You Stink’ protest movement; carnivalesque demonstrations, the bubbling anger of Beirut’s youth, and rubbish piled in the streets

21.09.15 | Faisal Devji
A life on the surface

Faisal Devji argues that ISIS is best understood through an account of its superficiality, rather than through searching for any hidden depth.

25.08.15 | Leon T. Goldsmith
Is Alawite Solidarity Finally Breaking?

Syria’s Alawites have long used ruthless pragmatism to survive. This same pragmatism, argues Leon Goldsmith, may soon lead them to disown President Assad.


A Hurst reading list for World Humanitarian Day, 2015.


As the Taliban undergoes a leadership transition after Mullah Omar’s death, could the influence of Jalaluddin Haqqani hinder the nascent peace process in Afghanistan?

03.08.15 | Simon A. Waldman Emre Caliskan
The Peace Process that Never Was: Turkey and the PKK

The peace process between the PKK and Turkey was hamstrung from the start by political games and mistrust, making its recent collapse inevitable, argue Simon A. Waldman and Emre Caliskan.

Salman_bin_Abdull_aziz_December_9,_2013 (1)

The Saudi regime must be held accountable for its promotion of the ideology that drives groups like ISIS, argues Madawi Al-Rasheed.

11.06.15 | Jean-Pierre Filiu
The End of Middle East Transparent Tony

Tony Blair was representing all of us in the Middle East and his shameful performance is and remains a collective embarrassment, writes Jean-Pierre Filiu.

15.05.15 | Kama Maclean
Bhagat Singh’s Revolutionary Scruples

The FIR report registered against Tushar Gandhi following comments made about Bhagat Singh reveal the extent of the following that Singh now commands. But despite his epic popularity, his life and death are yet to be fully incorporated into accounts of mainstream Indian nationalism.


Young Arabs hint that Saudi Arabia’s repressive and interventionist policies might be punished by future communal Arab revenge

30.04.15 | Nigel Watt
Unrest in Burundi: A Primer

Nigel Watt explains the background to the violent protests and threats of election boycotts in the central African state

Armenian genocide picture
27.04.15 | Vicken Cheterian
Armenians, Turks and a century of genocide

Vicken Cheterian describes the terrible legacy for the entire region of the Armenian genocide and the consequences of its continued denial by Turkey