What would the world look like if it was led by women? w/ Anne Karpf

4 Jul 2021 – 16:30 - 18:00 BST
Bradford Literature Festival
Bradford City Hall - Banqueting Suite
Centenary Square

What would the world look like if it was led by women? Join us as we explore this idea during a panel discussion, looking at how matriarchal structures have organically formed and improved societies in the past and present day, before imagining what future matriarchal cities and worlds might look like.

With a mixture of non-fiction seriousness, literary imagination and not-so-serious speculation, join author and journalist Christina Sweeney-Baird, poet and artist Tice Cin and writer, sociologist and journalist Anne Karpf for an open discussion of feminist thought informed by literary work, societal changes, global affairs and science.

About Anne’s book: How Women Can Save the Planet

Here’s a perverse truth: from New Orleans to Bangladesh, women—especially poor women of colour—are suffering most from a crisis they have done nothing to cause. Yet where, in environmental policy, are the voices of elderly European women dying in heatwaves? Of African girls dropping out of school due to drought? Our highest-profile climate activists are women and girls; but, at the top table, it’s men deciding the earth’s future.

We’re not all in it together—but we could be. Instead of expecting individual women to save the planet, what we need are visionary, global climate policies that are gender-inclusive and promote gender equality.

Anne Karpf shines a light on the radical ideas, compelling research and tireless campaigns, led by and for women around the world, that have inspired her to hope. Her conversations with female activists show how we can fight back, with strength in diversity. And, faced with the most urgent catastrophe of our times, she offers a powerful vision: a Green New Deal for Women.

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About the author

Anne Karpf is a sociologist and award-winning journalist, contributing regularly to The Guardian and other publications. Her books include How to Age, translated into ten languages, and acclaimed family memoir The War After: Living with the Holocaust. She is Professor of Life Writing and Culture at London Metropolitan University.

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