Histories of a Failed Idea, 1918-1992

March 2003 9781850656630 356pp
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This work aims to explore the history of the Yugoslav idea, or ‘Yugoslavism’, between the state’s existence creation in 1918 and its dissolution in the early 1990s. The key theme that emerges is that Yugoslavism was a fluid concept, understood differently at different times by different Yugoslav nations, leaders and social groups. There was no single definition of who and what was (or was not) ‘Yugoslav’ and this perhaps indirectly contributed to the ultimate failure of the Yugoslav idea and with it the Yugoslav state. The volume presents a specially-commissioned collection of essays which is divided into five sections: Context; Nations; Leaders and Institutions; Intellectuals; and Alternatives.


‘ […] a timely collection of twenty one essays that seeks to explore the history of the ”Yugoslav” idea or ”Yugoslavism” between the creation of the first state in 1918 and the demise of the second Yugoslav Federation in 1992.’ — New Statesman



Dejan Djokic is Lecturer in Serbian and Croatian Studies at the University of Nottingham. He is the editor of Yugoslavism: Histories of a Failed Idea, 1918-1992 (Hurst, 2002).

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