To Die with Such Men

Frontline Stories from Ukraine’s International Legion

February 2025 9781911723899 288pp
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This book is Black Hawk Down meets Enemy at the Gates meets Band of Brothers, and all true. It is the story of what happens when careless Western politicians assume that we live in the ‘end of history’ and it turns out that the Great Game is back, uglier and more callous than ever before. It is the story of the men who tried to fix those mistakes at the risk — and sometimes the loss — of their own lives.

The narrative follows a core group of Western volunteers who fought together from the early days of the battle for Kyiv through the last stands of Severodonetsk and Bakhmut. They came individually, but formed a family, from the early days fighting outside of Kyiv, where no one bothered to learn names because they all expected to die, to the last days of the Russian attack on Bakhmut, where one of them was one of the last men to leave the city in the final days of May. They knew very well that they would be going without the NATO support that they were accustomed to, the severe risks that they would run, and the potential criticism that they would face for fighting someone else’s war. But they also knew that it was the right thing to do. This is their story.


Shannon Monaghan (Phd) is a historian of modern war. She started her career interning in international arms transfers at the State Department.  Since then, she has worked in strategy consulting and data analytics and taught writing at Harvard. She earned degrees in History from Yale and Boston College. Her latest book is A Quiet Company of Dangerous Men: The Forgotten British Special Operations Soldiers of World War II.

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