The Great Indian Food Trip

Around a Subcontinent à la Carte

February 2024 9781911723066 384 pp, 12 b&w illus
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The Great Indian Food Trip is an entertaining, erudite adventure of eating, drinking and travelling. This is how Zac O’Yeah has come to understand the Indian subcontinent, his home of thirty years.

O’Yeah’s fast-paced yet profound account charts a writer’s untiring quest for new cultural and culinary experiences. We accompany him on a ‘spare parts’ tour of Shivajinagar, Bengaluru’s slaughterhouse area. He shares the pleasures of drinking beer in Karnataka, toddy in Kerala; eating boiled vegetables and masala-less curries in the Mahatma’s ashram; and finding the true secret of tandoori chicken in Chandigarh. He discovers Goa’s literati sipping cashew feni with Orhan Pamuk and Amitav Ghosh, and finds two of his favourite foods—mushrooms and cheese—in shamudatsi, a Bhutanese stew.

Whether you’re a lover of Indian cuisine or a wanderer seeking inspiration, this multi-course meal promises wonderful discoveries of India’s delicacies, their origins and their locales. O’Yeah captures India in a nutshell—a big, coconut-sized one.


‘There is literary suspense in this culinary exploration… The Great Indian Food Trip operates as a series of investigations that propel the reader […] There is poignancy in [O’Yeah’s] desire to understand India, this paradoxical, magnificent country, and to realise that it will continue to change centuries after he has gone.’ — The Irish Times

‘A paean to India, from a man who has learned to love the country in many ways, not least through his stomach.’ — Samanth Subramanian

‘Zac takes the reader along on a wild rollercoaster ride across the sub-continent, magically expanding and contracting time and space at will … This drool-worthy à la carte memoir is a thrilling page-turner—an irresistible invitation to throw caution to the wind and binge.’ — Pushpesh Pant, food critic and historian 

‘With his trademark humour, Zac O’Yeah delves deep into the underbelly of the country that he loves … a rollicking read.’ — Shoba Narayan, author and journalist 


Zac O’Yeah is a Swedish novelist, rock musician and author of the Majestic Trilogy, a trio of detective stories set in his adopted home of Bengaluru. He has published seventeen books in Swedish and English, including several bestsellers, and has been translated into over twenty languages in India and elsewhere.

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