The Balkan Exchange of Minorities and Its Impact on Greece

October 2002 9781850657026 220pp
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October 2002 9781850656746 220pp
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The defeat of the Greek armies in Asia Minor in August 1922, led directly to the flight of Greek refugees from Asia Minor, the compulsory exchange of populations between Greece and Turkey and the resettlement in Greece of 1.3 million displaced people. This text covers this impact.


‘This classic analysis of the Lausanne Convention of 1923, which provided for the exchange of 1,221,849 Greek refugees from Asia Minor with 354,647 Turks from Macedonia, is more than a historical study … Pentzopoulos provides today’s reader with a brilliant exposition of the perennial dilemmas arising from a humanitarian vision of minorities in a world of nation-states.’ — Times Literary Supplement


Dimitri Pentzopoulos is the author of The Balkan Exchange of Minorities and Its Impact on Greece.

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