Sport, Politics and Society in the Middle East

Danyel Reiche


Tamir Sorek

A rigorous appraisal of the intersection of sport and politics across the region.

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Sport, Politics and Society in the Middle East Paperback
June 2019£25.00
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Sport in the Middle East has become a major issue in global affairs. The contributors to this timely volume discuss the intersection of political and cultural processes related to sport in the region. Eleven chapters trace the historical institutionalisation of sport and the role it has played in negotiating ‘Western’ culture. Sport is found to be a contested terrain where struggles are being fought over the inclusion of women, over competing definitions of national identity, over preserving social memory, and over press freedom. Also discussed are the implications of mega-sporting events for host countries, and how both elite sport policies and sports industries in the region are being shaped.

Sport, Politics and Society in the Middle East draws on academic disciplines from the humanities and social sciences to offer in-depth, theoretically grounded, and richly empirical case studies. It employs diverse research methodologies, from ethnography and in-depth interviews to archival research, to make a lasting contribution to this critical subject.


Danyel Reiche is Associate Professor for Comparative Politics at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon and author of Success and Failure of Countries at the Olympic Games.

Tamir Sorek is Professor of Sociology at the University of Florida, and author of Arab Soccer in a Jewish State and Palestinian Commemoration in Israel.