Dr Ambedkar and Untouchability

Analysing and Fighting Caste

Christophe Jaffrelot

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Dr Ambedkar and Untouchability Hardback
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Ambedkar, the first Untouchable ever to be formally educated, pioneered new strategies, philosophically and practically, which continue to prove effective, not least in the inspirational example he set to India’s Untouchable community in their struggle for social and political rights.
Jaffrelot’s biography of the great Indian politician B.R. Ambedkar is both an historical study and a document relevant to today’s concerns, given the rising profile of Dalits politically and otherwise in modern India.


Christophe Jaffrelot is Research Director at CNRS, Sciences Po and Professor of Indian Politics and Sociology at the King's India Institute. From 2000-8, he was Director of CERI at Sciences Po. Arguably one of the world’s most respected writers on Indian society and politics, his publications include The Pakistan Paradox: Instability and Resilience; Religion, Castle and Politics in IndiaThe Hindu Nationalist Movement and Indian Politics, 1925 to the 1990s; India’s Silent Revolution: The Rise of the Lower Castes in North India; and Dr Ambedkar and Untouchability: Analysing and Fighting Caste.

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‘A very valuable addition to the literature on Ambedkar. Jaffrelot’s viewpoint is both fresh and very knowledgeable.’ — Professor Eleanor Zelliot, Carleton University