Inside the Mind of Marine Le Pen

Michel Eltchaninoff 

What drives Marine Le Pen and the Front National? How savvy is she? And how has extreme nationalism in France become a family business?

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Inside the Mind of Marine Le Pen Paperback
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What is the core ideology of France’s Front National? In the age of Brexit and President Trump, what lies behind the FN’s success in growing the audience for identity-based politics? Has the party really changed its ways?

This is a probing enquiry into the philosophy and intellectual influences of Marine Le Pen, and of the party under her leadership. It seeks answers in her rhetoric, but also in the history of French nationalism and in unique insights shared by far right specialists and members of the FN entourage—including Jean-Marie Le Pen himself.

‘Marine’ has undeniably transformed her party—but she has not cast off the shackles of its traditions. Her speeches characterise France as labouring under the new tyranny of Liberalism, and reveal a vision for an uncompromising alternative: a Republic beyond right and left politics, defining itself in opposition to its  enemies, and aligned with Putin’s Russia.

Michel Eltchaninoff offers a thoughtful and engrossing look at how the FN’s thought has been updated and rejuvenated by its new leader. Whatever Marine Le Pen is thinking, it has left the French far right stronger than at any time in the party’s history.


Michel Eltchaninoff is Editor-in-Chief of Philosophie magazine and a former lecturer in philosophy at the University of Burgundy and Pantheon-Sorbonne University. His Inside the Mind of Vladimir Putin won the Prix de La Revue des Deux Mondes in its original French edition.

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