Negotiating with the Devil w/ Pierre Hazan & Claire Hajaj

24 Jan 2024 – 18:00 - 19:15 GMT
The Conduit
6 Langley Street

Join Pierre Hazan and Claire Hajaj at the Conduit, as they shine a light on the untold stories and pressing concerns within the realm of conflict mediation.

In an increasingly dystopian world, we have shifted from the era of soft to hard power. The promises of ‘peace dividends’ have given way to the unsettling echoes of war in Europe, marking the end of one Cold War and ushering in a new East–West confrontation in Ukraine. The once unchallenged Pax Americana has yielded to a multipolar world, while the dream of an all-powerful United Nations now faces the harsh truth of marginalisation.

Against this backdrop, we delve into the intricate work of those at the forefront of peace negotiations, exploring the moral quandaries and dynamic political pressures inherent in conflict mediation.

We look at the back-channel mediation and the challenges faced by those on the front lines, working to prevent, manage, or resolve conflicts between adversaries. What responsibility do they bear when a peace agreement between two conflicting parties negatively impacts a third? Should mediators ever endorse ‘ethnic cleansing’ to preserve lives? Is a precarious peace worth the sacrifice of justice, or does such a compromise risk triggering another cycle of violence?

More about Negotiating with the Devil here.

About the author

Pierre Hazan is a senior advisor with the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue. Formerly a Harvard Law School fellow, United States Institute of Peace fellow and Libération diplomatic correspondent, he has advised NGOs, governments and armed groups on justice, amnesty, reparation, truth commissions, forced disappearances, international humanitarian law and human rights.


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