Critical Muslim 35

Muslim Atlantic

Ziauddin Sardar

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Critical Muslim 35 Paperback
July 2020£14.99
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This issue of Critical Muslim explores the idea of a ‘Muslim Atlantic’ by looking at transatlantic connections between Muslim communities in the US and the UK. Based on and inspired by Paul Gilroy’s work on the Black Atlantic, we hope to reframe his theory in terms of faith as well as race. Through essays and reportage, we will consider issues such as gender, race, leadership and popular culture, as we ask in what ways Muslim communities on both sides of the pond have shared experiences, and where their trajectories sharply contrast.


Ziauddin Sardar is an award-winning, internationally renowned writer, futurist and cultural critic. A former New Statesman columnist and Equality and Human Rights Commissioner, he has authored many books, including Desperately Seeking Paradise: Journeys of a Sceptical Muslim; Reading the Qur'an; and Mecca: The Sacred City. He is editor of the influential quarterly Critical Muslim.