Respecting the Living World

Graham Harvey

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Animism Paperback
August 2017£14.99
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‘Animism’ is now an important term for describing ways in which some people understand and engage respectfully with the larger-than-human world. Its central theme is our relationship with our other-than-human neighbours, such as animals, plants, rocks, and kettles, rooted in the understanding that the term ‘person’ includes more than humans. Graham Harvey explores the animist cultures of Native Americans, Maori, Aboriginal Australians and eco-Pagans, introducing their diversity and considering the linguistic, performative, ecological and activist implications of these different animisms.


Graham Harvey is Professor of Religious Studies at the Open University and author of Listening People, Speaking Earth: Contemporary Paganism.


‘The strengths of this book are its fluid and engaging […] writing, its openly committed stand on the central question, i.e., whether or not animals, plants, rivers, etc. are persons; and its use of major ethnographic sources as evidence, together with conversations with indigenous peoples.’ — Professor Stewart Guthrie, Fordham University