Submitting a Book Proposal

Hurst welcomes manuscript submissions via email. These should be sent to Michael Dwyer. Please bear in mind that Hurst publishes only non-fiction, and note the fields in which we specialise. The best way of doing this is by consulting our website.

Your submission should include the following:

- A synopsis or outline running to at least 5,000 words
- Your CV
- List of publications (where appropriate)
- Contents page of draft chapter titles
- Notes on competing works in the literature
- Details of photographs, illustrations, tables and other non-textual matter in the manuscript
- The book's proposed word length
- Proposed completion date of the manuscript

We will endeavour to respond to your email in a few working days but please bear with us if this is not the case.

Finally, do not send files full of illustrations and other pictorial material without consulting with us first as these may be rejected by our email server.