FLASH SALE: The Horn of Africa

The Horn of Africa: State Formation and Decay

by Christopher Clapham

Paperback / 9781849048286 / RRP £17.99

50% off in sale – buy now for £8.99

‘A sharp political history’ — Foreign Affairs

‘An excellent introduction to the specificities of the Horn.’ — Phébé

‘Successfully depicts the Horn of Africa as much more than the disaster zone it is widely perceived to be.’ — Survival

Famine in Somalia: Competing Imperatives Collective Failures, 2011-12

by Daniel Maxwell and Nisar Majid

Paperback / 9781849045759 / RRP £35.00 

50% off in sale – buy now for £17.50

‘Daniel Maxwell and Nisar Majid’s exemplary account . . . shows in shocking detail how and why a needless disaster unfolded . . . sobering’. — Times Literary Supplement

‘The essential text on the largest, and most overlooked, famine of the 21st century.’ — Alex de Waal, Research Professor and Executive Director of the World Peace Foundation, Tufts University

Al-Shabaab in Somalia: The History and Ideology of a Militant Islamist Group

by Stig Jarle Hansen

Stig Jarle Hansen - Al-Shabaab in Somalia

Paperback / 9781849045100 / RRP £19.99 

50% off in sale – buy now for £9.99

‘Essential reading. Hansen focuses on the complex ideological detours and military tactics of the Shabab from its inception … a succinct and definitive history.’ — The Economist

‘E‪xceptional‬ … D‪eserve‬s‪ a broad readership‬.’ — Nicholas van de Walle, Foreign Affairs‪ ‬

The Mayor of Mogadishu: A Story of Chaos and Redemption in the Ruins of Somalia

by Andrew Harding

Paperback / 9781849049511 / RRP £12.99

50% off in sale – buy now for £6.50

‘Harding poignantly describes the churning of emotions that many migrants (not just Somalis) experience as they are tossed and tugged between competing cultures.’ — The Economist

‘Part on-the-ground war reporting, part investigative biography, Harding’s book captures both the fragile hopes and the appalling violence of Somalia. ’ — New York Times

Understanding Contemporary Ethiopia: Monarchy, Revolution and the Legacy of Meles Zenawi

Edited by Gérard Prunier and Éloi Ficquet

Paperback / 9781849042611 / RRP £19.99 

50% off in sale – buy now for £9.99

‘Prunier and Ficquet aim to present a “wide-angle snapshot” of one country by bringing together a diverse range of authors to explain it on its own terms. The book includes thorough, detailed and highly contextual studies of Ethiopian history, politics, religions and economics.’ – The Times Literary Supplement

‘An impressive volume which contains a wealth of information on the historical, cultural and religious underpinnings of the landlocked country in the Horn of Africa. The editors have assembled an impressive series of contributions’ — Nick Branson, LSE Review of Books

The Addis Ababa Massacre: Italy’s National Shame

by Ian Campbell

Hardback / 9781849046923 / RRP £30.00 

50% off in sale – buy now for £15.00


‘The most authoritative account to date of this much-neglected atrocity.’ — Financial Times Books of the Year 2017

‘Campbell’s extraordinary research maps out the massacre in exemplary fashion. It is a horrific tale, told with verve and a sense of moral passion, but also with the meticulous skill of a detective and a historian.’ – Times Literary Supplement‪ ‬

Understanding Eritrea: Inside Africa’s Most Repressive State

by Martin Plaut

Paperback / 9781849046916 / RRP £14.99

50% off in sale – buy now for £7.50


‘Plaut is well placed to tell Eritrea’s modern story and does so masterfully. Throughout he condenses disparate material into tight and accessible prose. Plaut’s valuable book has at least ensured that, despite the regime’s best efforts, this country is not fully hidden from view.’ — Times Literary Supplement

‘A masterful account. Plaut’s extensive evidence shows how the regime’s repressive stance in power is a consequence of its ruler.’ — Times Higher Education

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