Event / Hay Festival

Sold Out: Karoline Kan at Hay Festival

25 May 2019 – 20.30

Debate with Xinran, Karoline Kan, Rachael Jolley

Karoline Kan was born in 1989, the same year as the Tiananmen Square protests: her generation has always been caught between China’s political landscape, its hyper-modern technology and urban and economic boom.

Through the stories of three generations of women in her family, Kan provides us with a glimpse into the everyday lives of the country’s people against the backdrop of dizzingly rapid social change. Her grandmother – who struggled to make a way for her family during the Great Famine, her mother – who defied the One-Child Policy by giving birth to Karoline, and herself – born into a village peasant family but succeeding against all odds in gaining an education, one that her mother and grandmother could scarcely have dreamed of.

Seventy years after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, and thirty years on from the Tiananmen Square massacre, the editor of Index on Censorship hosts a debate about China’s contemporary society and the leadership’s attitude to freedom of expression. Xinran is author of the global bestseller The Good Women of China, based on her groundbreaking radio show. Her latest book is The Promise

Under Red Skies
The Life and Times of a Chinese Millennial
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