Event / Bradford Literature Festival

Mark Honigsbaum on Inevitable Epidemics: Death in the Air

14 Jun 2019 – 14.00 - 15.15

In 1918 the Spanish influenza pandemic claimed the lives of up to 100 million people – as much as five percent of the world’s population.

Ever since, scientists have dreamed of preventing catastrophic outbreaks of infectious disease. Yet, despite a century of medical progress, viral and bacterial disasters continue to take us by surprise, inciting panic and dominating news cycles.

On the 100th anniversary of the flu’s arrival, join Mark Honigsbaum, author of The Pandemic Century: One Hundred Years of Panic, Hysteria and Hubris, and Joanna Vernan, a microbiologist with an interest in contagion literature.

Don’t miss this myth-busting discussion as we explore the limits of science against nature and ask the question: how long until the next epidemic?

The Pandemic Century
One Hundred Years of Panic, Hysteria and Hubris
Bradford Literature Festival
The Ernest Saville Room
Bradford City Hall
Norfolk Gardens
Bradford BD1 1UH