Event / Spiro Ark

Jerusalem on the Amstel, with Lipika Pelham

15 Jan 2020 – 19.30

The story of the Iberian New Christians-turned-Jews settling in Amsterdam carries a timely relevance in the modern world where in recent decades a great many people have been displaced from former Yugoslavia to Afghanistan to Syria to Iraq to Libya to sub-Saharan Africa.

The author Lipika Pelham and professor Ben Kaplan will discuss in this context, the idea of tolerance, and whether or not it can be achieved by law. The sixteenth century Dutch legal act to support religious and ethnic tolerance collapsed tragically during WWII leading to the Dutch Holocaust. How do we instil acceptance, organically, into today’s identity politics?


Jerusalem on the Amstel
The Quest for Zion in the Dutch Republic
Spiro Ark
Hampstead Garden Suburb Syngagogue
Norrice Lea
London N2 0RE