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City Challenges Now with Bruno Maçães

16 Oct 2019 – 12.45 - 13.45

This event is part of the Festival of the Future City Festival, Bristol 2019

Cities face and share many challenges and opportunities. What are some of the big issues they face now and what can we learn from these?

Bruno Maçães (a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and a former Europe minister of Portugal) has been researching the future of Europe and Asia for the past five years. His books – The Dawn of Eurasia and Belt and Road – argue that the Chinese Belt and Road (covering almost 70 countries by land and sea) is the most ambitious geopolitical initiative of the age, affecting every element of global society, from shipping to agriculture, digital economy to tourism, politics to culture.

Most importantly, the Chinese Belt and Road symbolises a new phase in China’s ambitions as a superpower: to remake the world economy and crown Beijing as the new centre of capitalism and globalisation. Maçães talks about the cities of the new Silk Road, China’s influence on cities worldwide and what this means for the rest of us.Johny Pitts will also present on how blackness is shaping European cities, and Roxana Slavcheva will look at cities as hubs for innovation.

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