Event / Hay Festival Winter Weekend, Wales

Cedric Delves and Helen Parr at Hay Festival

23 Nov 2018 – 13.00

The book Across an Angry Sea: The SAS in The Falklands War is an account of Special Forces actions by Lieutenant General Sir Cedric Delves, who commanded D Company, 22 SAS in the South Atlantic.

Parr’s Our Boys: The Story of a Paratrooper is partly about the Falklands War itself and the terrible things that the Paras endured, and the terrible things that some of them did, but it is also about the white working class of the 1970s and why some men born into this class ended up marching across an island that most of them had never heard of.

Delves commanded the SAS at every level before becoming Commander of the Field Army. Parr is a Hennessy Award-winning historian who teaches International Relations at Keele University. Chaired by Nik Gowing.

Across An Angry Sea
The SAS in the Falklands War
Hay Festival Winter Weekend, Wales
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