Seychelles Since 1770

History of a Slave and Post-Slavery Society

Deryck Scarr

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Seychelles Since 1770 Paperback
September 2000£20.00
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A comprehensive history of the Seychelles, this volume traces its periods of colonisation by France and Britain, the immobile years of the twentieth century, the granting of independence in 1976, and the social changes precipitated by tourism in the late-1990s.


Deryck Scarr of the Emeritus Faculty at ANU in Canberra is the author of books on Seychelles, the Mascareignes, and Pacific Islands. He first worked in Suva's extensive archives in 1962-3 and has spent a good deal of time in Fiji since then.


‘Scarr has produced an extremely readable book on the history of the Seychelle islands. There has been little written on this subject that is available to a wider public outside the Seychelles. […] he has amassed a considerable amount of material derived from sources far and wide. […] in bringing together such disparate sources, Scarr has been able to reconstruct an internal picture of Seychelles society during the period of slavery and post-slavery. […] He has also masterfully captured the capriciousness of the Seychelles elite, as well as examining closely the nature and causes of their stranglehold over all aspects of life in the Seychelles under colonial rule.’  — African Affairs