The Basques, the Catalans and Spain

Alternative Routes to Nationalist Mobilisation

Edited by

Daniele Conversi

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This work provides an introduction to Basque and Catalan nationalism. The two movements have much in common, but have differed in the strategies adopted to further their cause. Basque nationalism, in the shape of the military wing of ETA, took the path of violence, spawning an efficient terrorist campaign, while Catalan nationalism is more accommodating and peaceful. Conversi examines and compares the history, motives and methods of these two movements, considering the influence of such aspects of nationalist mobilization as: the choice of language, race and descent; the consequences of large-scale immigration; and the causes and effects of social violence.


Professor Daniele Conversi is a Research Professor at the University of the Basque Country and Ikerbasque, the Basque Foundation for Science.


‘Conversi knows Spain, and he also knows the sociological, historical, and political science literature on nationalism. Studies of west European politics, ethnicity, and nationalism, and most importantly the politics of language will find this a remarkable and supremely useful book.’ — Catalan Review

‘This is an analysis steeped in historical understanding, rich in sociological insight, and sensitive to political nuance. It is essential reading for all students of nationalism and politics, as well as for anyone interested in modern European developments.’ — Anthony D. Smith, London School of Economics

‘This work represents a singular contribution to the literature on nationalism. The author brings a thorough familiarity with the theoretic and comparative literature to bear upon the Basque and Catalan experiences. . . . Anyone interested in nationalism will benefit from reading Conversi.’ — Walker Conner, Trinity College