Event / King's College, London

Defeat is an Orphan: How Pakistan Lost the Great South Asian War w/ Myra MacDonald

5 Apr 2017 – 18:00

Myra MacDonald will talk about her new book, Defeat is an Orphan; How Pakistan Lost the Great South Asian War, and discuss prospects for the region at a time of deteriorating security and international upheaval. Defeat is an Orphan argues that with India emerging as a rising economic power, Pakistan has decisively and irreversibly lost its long-running battle to prove itself a match for its bigger neighbour. The book is rooted in history going back to Partition, but focuses on the period from 1998 -when India and Pakistan held nuclear tests – to the present day. MacDonald will talk about some of the lessons that can be drawn from that period, including Pakistan’s reckless ‘good Taliban, bad Taliban’ policies, its view of India and Afghanistan, and its approach to peace talks over Kashmir.

The Speaker: Myra MacDonald is an international journalist and author specialising in South Asian politics and security. She formerly worked for Reuters in Europe, the Middle East and South Asia. Defeat is an Orphan (Hurst, 2017) is her second book. Her first book, Heights of Madness, was on the Siachen war between India and Pakistan.

Defeat is an Orphan
How Pakistan Lost the Great South Asian War
King's College, London
War Studies Meeting Room (K. 6.07)