Event / Dalkey Book Festival, Ireland

A Citizen of Somewhere? w/ David Goodhart in conversation with David McWilliams

16 Jun 2017 – 11:30

David Goodhart’s new book The Road to Somewhere has taken the UK by storm. In it he explains the huge political changes that we see from the point of view of two conflicting tribes that have emerged in the Western world. The first are citizens of anywhere – a detached, mobile, cosmopolitan elite, who have lost contact with the citizens of somewhere – their more grounded, local and threatened fellow countrymen.

The tribal division is pretty clear. On the one side stands the liberal Europhile establishment, comfortable about immigration and globalisation, and on the other are those who are anything but comfortable, who feel left out and left behind.

This is a must see if you are interested in the society around you. How soon before such division manifests itself here too? And what might that look like? Don’t miss David Goodhart.

The Road to Somewhere
The Populist Revolt and the Future of Politics
Dalkey Book Festival, Ireland
The Secret Garden
Sorrento Road
County Dublin