Cultural Studies


Bengal's Forgotten Prophet
Understanding Lashkar-e-Tayyaba
Past and Present
The Life of Alexander von Humboldt
A Yemeni Woman's Life Story
The Islamic Wine Poetry of Abu Nuwas
The First Islamic State
The Life and Death of a Rebel of 1857

Latest Titles

Madonnas, Godmothers and Informers in the Italian Mafia
Populism, Citizenism and Global Protest
Identifying Cyber Attackers
Sembene’s Xala
Eastleigh, Nairobi's Global Somali Hub
Social Change in Post-Khomeini Iran
On Tibet’s Peaceful Revolution
Overlooked and Undercooked
A Life of Eşref Bey, Late Ottoman Insurgent and Special Agent
The Assyrian Christian Genocide, A History