How Young Indians are Changing the World

Snigdha Poonam

A marvellous account of the boundless ambition of small town India and the extraordinary lives of those who pursue their dreams.

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November 2017£14.99

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More than half of India’s population, some 600 million people, is under the age of twenty-five.  It’s a generation driven by one defining truth: that unless they seize the initiative and shape their own future, they will wait a long time for something good to happen in their lives. 

Young men and women across India are using their imagination to create new options — economic, political, cultural — in the unlikeliest of spaces. Thanks to the internet and social media they are the most connected generation ever; they are using that access to change many things, from how they see the world to how the world sees them. Their vision is of an India at the centre of the world — with them at the apex, setting the rules.

Over several years Snigdha Poonam tracked a disparate group of young Indians — motivational speakers, radio DJs, models, internet entrepreneurs, event managers, and student politicians — across small town India as they pursued success and influence, united by the common belief that they were born for bigger and better things.

What do they want? How do they intend to get there? And how will their dreams change our lives — and the world?


Snigdha Poonam is a writer with the Hindustan Times in Delhi. Her work has appeared in the Guardian, the New York Times and Granta.  Her article 'Lady Singham’s Mission Against Love' was runner-up in the Bodley Head / Financial Times Essay Prize, 2015

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